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Wat Pha Kho or Wat Ratchapraditsathan
Wat Pha Kho or Wat Ratchapraditsathan, Songkhla
This temple was the seat of Somdet Pha Kho or Luang Pho Thuat Yiap Nam Tha-le Chuet, the most revere...
Khu Khut Waterfowl Park (Tha-le Sap Songkhla Wildlife Refuge)
Khu Khut Waterfowl Park (Tha-le Sap Song..., Songkhla
Established as a wildlife refuge on 19 April 1976, the park occupies an area of 227,916 rais (91,166...
Wat Tham Khao Rup Chang
Wat Tham Khao Rup Chang, Songkhla
The temple uses the cave, which was partitioned into several rooms and has delicate stalactites and ...
Khao Nam Khang National Park
Khao Nam Khang National Park, Songkhla
This Park, covered with verdant forests, is where two magnificent waterfalls namely Ton Dat Fa and T...
Wat Matchimawat or Wat Khlang
Wat Matchimawat or Wat Khlang, Songkhla
Located on Sai Buri Road, this large temple is perhaps the most important Buddhist temple in Songkhl...
Tinsulanond Bridge
Tinsulanond Bridge, Songkhla
The bridge, which is the longest concrete bridge in Thailand, spans Songkhla Lake and is part of Hig...
The Songkhla National Museum
The Songkhla National Museum, Songkhla
Located on Chana Road, the Museum, constructed in the Chinese style, was originally built in 1878 as...
The Institute for Southern Thai Studies
The Institute for Southern Thai Studies, Songkhla
This Institute is situated on Ko Yo, near the foot of the second part of the Tinsulanond Bridge. Est...
Songkhla Zoo
Songkhla Zoo, Songkhla
Located on the Songkhla-Chana Highway, Tambon Khao Rup Chang, this open- zoo was established with an...
Laem Samila
Laem Samila, Songkhla
Located in the City Municipality, about 2.5 kilometers from the fresh market (Thalat Supsin or Thala...
Ko Yo
Ko Yo, Songkhla
A small island in the Songkhla Lake that has recently become an important tourist attraction in Song...
Khao Tang Kuan
Khao Tang Kuan, Songkhla
Another charming attraction located at Laem Samila is Khao Tang Kuan. This is the location of the fa...
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